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The popular Glen Tilt walk
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Atholl Estates Blair Atholl Walks – The Glen Tilt Walk (10 or 6 miles)

The long walk is 10 miles, the shorter walk or as the Atholl Estates way-marked trails booklet calls it the ‘short cut’ is 6 miles. The a magnificent view through the trees up Glan Tiltwalk is along estate roads and well established paths with way-markers at all the critical points so you do not get lost. The walk is The Atholl Esttes walks bookletrelatively flat with one or two slight climbs.

We started out at 3pm, deciding on the shorter of the two walks, some 6 miles which took us 3 hours walking and stopping to take in the views when ever we felt like it. The great thing about this walk up the magnificent Glen Tilt is that at no point do you cover the same route twice. The walk route takes you along either the bottom of Glen Tilt or along either side of the Glen. With beautiful scenery open fields, glen and moorland on view throughout the walk.

Park at the car park just after the Old Bridge of Tilt. Make sure you have proper walking boots and are prepared for the weather which can change from hour to hour, wearing the appropriate clothing and carrying spare clothing, rain coats and sun cream for the warmer summer weather. Make sure you have the Discover Atholl Estates way-marked trails from Blair Atholl’  booklet which can be purchased from the Rangers hut next the Atholl Country Life Museum in the village. It has a good map and instructions so you do not get lost.
Glen Tilt is popular with cyclists
The walk starts from the car park along a well used Atholl Estate road, through woodland and farm fields on the left. If you are quiet you may see Roe Deer here and Red squirrels in the conifer trees. Glen Tilt is also popular with cyclists. We met several cyclists head up and returning from their trip up the glen.

Walkers along the off road path


After about a mile or so you come across a way-marker with a yellow arrow telling you to head off to the left, this well established path takes you up a slope through some tall conifer trees on to an Estate road and the rifle range.

The Blair Atholl Rifle range is situated in Glen TiltWhen the Blair Atholl Rifle Range is in use there are red flags flying to warn you to keep away and walkers will have alternative routes to bypass the range. Here you get some great views up Glen Tilt.

Keith Baxby, the Chairman of West Atholl Rifle Club, which operates the Jubilee Rifle Range in the Glen Tilt walk writes the following advice to assist walkers - The red flags are always flown when shooting is in progress, but when we shoot at "short range" ( ie up to 600yds) it is safe for people to use the main track through the range, provided they keep to the track and keep to the right at every fork. Only when we shoot at long range ( 900 to 1,200 yards) is the road through the range closed for safety reasons. In this case there are warning signs in appropriate places so that people do not start on a closed track and have to turn back to find the detour. I'm writing only because we don't want people to be inconvenienced more than they have to be. Please feel free, if you wish, to add a link to our website people can click on "Information for Hill walkers" which is in the left hand margin of the web site, to get information on long-range closures, and on "Range Programme" for all shooting dates.

Gilbert's Bridge is a traditionallty built stone arched bridge over the river tiltThe route then descends down to the River Tilt crossed by Gilbert’s Bridge. Who Gilbert was I am not sure! The road then goes through some magnificent beech trees past a keepers house and his sheep fanks.

Keith Baxby, West Atholl Rifle club who operates the Jubilee Rifle Ranges writes; "Gilbert Stewart was the 'last man out' in the '45 rising. He had a croft near the bridge. The buildings were still recognisable 60 years ago but almost all trace of them is now gone. However some of his rhubarb is still growing there over 250 years later!

In those days the glen was a busy place and his croft was near the branching of the 'road'. Mrs Stewart his wife was well known for her hospitality to passers-by. She gave each caller a 'Thoomb piece' which was a scone, or whatever she had baked, onto which she spread butter with her thumb (if they had table knives, which I doubt, they would have been kept for very special occasions).

My information comes from Alastair Munro, aged 91, factor (Manager) of the estate from late 1940s until his retirement over twenty years ago."  3rd June 2008

Old settlements high up on the sides of glen tilt


Up on the hillside you can see the remains of some old settlements. These would have been two roomed houses. How well off we are today!



The keeprs house with the sheep fanks in the foreground


The short walk joins the main route taking the walker round the back of the keepers house and sheep fanks, up through trees to open farm land and down the tarmac road back towards Old Blair and the car park.

Walkers and cyclists can be seen in Glen Tilt all year round.

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