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Falls  of Acharn walk has some fantastic views of the falls above Acharn village, Kenmore
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The Archarn Falls Walk is about 1 mile if you got straight up and down from the village

The rough farm road with Loch Tay beneathThis walk has some really fabulous views of the falls above the village of Acharn, which is a short distance from the Scottish Crannog Centre on the south of Loch Tay Road just outside the village of Kenmore. The upper falls have a superb timber walkway constructed by the Officers and men of the 202 Field Squadron RE (V) in June 1989, which I am sure you will be grateful for, when you get there. There is also a 'Hermits Cave' I suspect constructed by the Victorians as a kind of folly.

Direction board in the village of AcharnPark your car or bikes in the village of Acharn, just near the signpost "Falls of Acharn, Circular Walk" directing you to the walk. You will follow a rough farm track up the side of the glen above the village. It is a steepish climb, nothing too steep that a vehicle could not do.

The hermit's Cave viwing platformYou will come to a sign saying "Hermit's Cave" follow the short path and enter the cave. You have to pass through the cave to get to the viewing platform. The cave is quite dark inside (if you have a torch you might appreciate it especially on a dark day) with the passage ways designed in the form of a 'T' with the central leg of the T leading out on the the The lower falls with not much water going over themviewing platform for the lower falls. These falls are by far the largest 'drop' of those you will  see on this walk.

Continue your walk after the Hermits cave along the road and you will come to another sign saying "Viewing The upper falls viewing platformPlatform" and "Upper Bridge". Go to the viewing platform,  completed by the Field Squadron previously mentioned. the day I was there (Early August) there had not been much rain, so the Acharn Burn did not have much water floThe Upper Falls must be spectacular in full spatewing down it. I can see why the locals say this is a very special walk when it rains, or in winter when the burn is in spate.

Now you can go back up the path to the upper bridge or cross over the viewing platform and make your way down the hill- side back the Acharn village.  The path on this side of the walk is fairly rough in places so be careful. The Upper Bridge is the road bridge for the farm vehicles, it is nothing too special to see but you might lThere were some lovely plumes of water to observeike to go on up anyway as it is only a very short distance up from the viewing platform.

This walk is best done after there has been some heavy rain to see the falls in their full glory. I can see why locals think this walk is very satisfying.

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