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The banks of the river tay at dunkeld cathedral

Highland Perthshire Historic Trails

We have put together a couple of historic trails in two of the highland Perthshire towns, namely Dunkeld & Birnam and in Pitlochry. The trails will take you through the towns pointing out points of interest and will hopefully help you get a better understanding of the history and events.

The Dunkeld and Birnam Historic Trail will take you past the old town jail at the base of the Dunkeld Bridge to Dunkeld Cathedral and in to the lovely town of Dunkeld.

The Logierait Historic Trail will give you an insite into the ancient area of Logierait. Logierait Church with its Mort Safes etc.

The Pitlochry historic Trail will take you around the town of Pitlochry up to Moulin village the oldest settlement in the Tay valley and back in to Pitlochry.

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