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2011  Pitlochry and Highland Perthshire's Enchanted Forest
On You Tube you can see a short clip of the 2009 Enchanted Forest Event.


Every year there is a new theme for the Enchanted Forest, for 2011 there is a new venue as well.

For the full 2011 Enchanted Forest information and programme which includes events and activities in Pitlochry.

How to get the most out of your Enchanted Forest trip? - a report written on the the 2011 Enchanted Forest show.

The images below were from 2009 the Enchanted Forest, the theme that year was to do with Kelpies and dragons to witches and Rabbie Burns and Robert the Bruce with a sound track of Horses running through the forest.

The Enchanted Forest 2009

The Enchanted Forest 2009

The Enchanted Forest 2009


Bruce's Cave The Enchanted Forest 2009The Enchanted Forest 2009

The Enchanted Forest 2009


The Enchanted Forest 2009

The Enchanted Forest 2009The Enchanted Forest 2009


2007/8  Pitlochry and Highland Perthshire's Enchanted Forest


Fountains in the Enchated Forest Pitlochry

The Enchanted Forest, Nr PitlochryEnchanted Forest Pitlochry


Enchanted Forest PitlochryThe Enchanted forest will again enthrall the thousands of visitors who will pass through the forest each night this autumn. The event runs from the 16th October to 1st November 2009. It is situated just outside Pitlochry, in the  beautiful  Faskally Woods in Highland Perthshire.


The Enchanted Forest is being supported by the Pitlochry Autumn Festival by running additional activities from a Halloween Marquee, story telling to ghost tours and musicians in the town.

The Enchanted Forest embraces a whole range of different lighting effects - changing colours, music, lazers, made all the more spectacular by the Enchanted Forest Pitlochryreflections across the waters of Loch Dunmore.

There must be thousands of different lights, and colours lighting up the forest. The water also plays its part with fountains, erupting during the presentation.

The great thing about the event is that you canEnchanted Forest Pitlochry walk around at your own pace, through the Enchanted forest, quietly enjoying the ever changing lighting displays and musical effects wherever you are in the forest.

You will find quiet corners with music playing , with different lighting effects Enchanted Forest Pitlochryaccompanying the music. In one particular corner the music and the lighting mesmerised the crowds for long periods of time.

No wood can be without its mystical place, this goes for the Enchanted Forest too. Mystical Wood has orbes and lighting effects with sounds and music.

No matter how good the camera, photographs do not really catch the magic of theEnchanted Forest Pitlochry Enchanted Forest. Here you will see our attempts, but there is nothing better than going and spending an enjoyable evening in the Enchanted Forest within Faskally Woods with Loch Dunmore as it's centre piece.

Bridge in Enchanted Forest PitlochryTickets do sell very quickly so we suggest that you book as early as possible. We would also recommend making a short break holiday at the same time and take in some of Highland Perthshire's beautiful autumn colours when you are here. Visit for further information. 

Also check the  site for what else is going on in and around the Pitlochry area at the same time.

If you have taken photos of the Enchanted forest why don't you e-mail them to us and we will put them up on our web site.

Click here to se Eileen's photos of Pitlochry's Enchanted Forest

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